February 22, 2020
Tourism Source Market Insights

Research Reveals How Gulf Arab Countries to Expect a Boom of Russian Tourists

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Tourism Source Market Insights: Gulf CooperationCouncil, provides a thorough insight into Bahrains, Kuwaits, Omans, the UAEs, Saudi Arabias and Qatars domestic and outbound tourism industry. The report shades light into the profiles of GCC tourists and summarizes the key reasons why they travel. The report offers an in-depth analysis of traveler flows, spending patterns, main destination markets and current and future opportunities for tourism businesses seeking to tap into the lucrative GCC outbound travel market.

The GCC is made up of some of the wealthiest nations in the Middle East. However, the decline in global oil prices in recent years has resulted in sluggish growth for the highly oil-dependent member states. Despite the slight decline in their economic performance, GCC travelers remain among the biggest spenders globally, presenting a lucrative cohort for businesses.

In particular, the GCC countries make up only 12.6% of the total population of the Middle East. Yet, they comprise 64.2% of the total international departures from the region. This highlights the importance and great potential of the countries of the Arabian Peninsula as a source market for the global tourism industry. The outbound tourism boom is driven both by the emergence of the middle class as well as by the growth in the traditional luxury GCC travel segment.

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