May 30, 2020
semiconductor industry statistics

Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry Research Review 2018 – Electronics Industry Overview

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Semiconductor industry overview Report Summary:

In the today’s world of system and devices, computing technology has become a major part of people’s life style, owing to integration of various semiconductor devices such as sensors, chips, microcontrollers, circuits, displays, cells, and many others.

If closely looked, it can be observed that, semiconductors have influenced every bit and piece of all the computer systems and has become core parts of their functionality.

According to Dr. Morris Chang, founder of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, AI and machine learning technologies have created potential space for development of semiconductor architectures such as Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) lithography, 3D packaging, and some new materials including carbon and graphene nanotubes.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company technical aspect

Currently, The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited has an ROE of around 22 percent enhancing semiconductor manufacturing process. Further to improve the return on equity, one can optimize the revenue and costs of certain financial equities. One such way to improve a return of equity is the way to generate a greater revenue further, without taking on the investment equity issues. The semiconductor industry statistics have further explained theories for the improvement in the company’s ROE.

On average, the amount of money the company has been making in earning is outstanding with each share of stock.

Additionally, semiconductor vendors have found good market opportunities with introductions of various display technologies such as LCDs, OLED, LED, transparent displays, and others.

For instance, in September 2017, Samsung and LG Electronics invested $30 million in CYNORA GmbH, a leading next generation OLED developer in Germany.  

Flexible displays, curved screens, thin-film displays, and AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) are some of the core areas where semiconductor investors have adopted various new innovations and semiconductor market development strategies.

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