May 30, 2020
Bioprinting Industry Analysis

Current Bioprinting Prospects and Future Innovations – Technology Industry Outlook

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Bioprinting is a form of additive manufacturing technology, that can be used to fabricate biomimicking 3D tissue constructs and organs. The reliability and accuracy offered by these 3D tissue structures and organ constructs have made them highly attractive for a number of applications. The use of stem cells in bioprinting has significant prospects in the area of personalized medicine, to develop customized tissues/organs for repair or for the fabrication of personalized 3D tissue models for drug toxicity testing.

There is a huge unmet demand for organs. Bioprinting of 3D organs has the potential to reduce the endless wait lists of organ donations and revolutionize the medical industry. Though a number of studies are going on catering to the development of fully, functional organs by bioprinting, a number of challenges remain.

These pertain to the fabrication of complex tissues with multiple cell types, the issue of resolution, and the incorporation of vascularization, among other factors. The market research gives you a sample report on Bioprinting Prospects and Future Innovations

Despite these challenges, 3D Bioprinting Industry Analysis has undergone extensive progress and is used in many other applications. The 3D tissues being biofabricated can be used for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

From the treatment of wounds (3D skin tissues), to craniomaxillofacial repair and orthopedic reconstructive surgeries (bone grafts), to the vascular grafts used to treat the growing number of heart disease patients—these are just some of the potential clinical applications of bioprinting.

One of the main drivers of the Bioprinting Industry are the applications of 3D tissue constructs and biofabricated organ-on-chips for in vitro drug testing. Bioprinted 3D models reproduce natural tissues very closely and, therefore, are ideal materials for in vitro drug testing and other preclinical testing studies.

The potential of 3D tissues to alleviate the burden on animal testing is another reason for their increased popularity. Poietis recently launched the biofabricated skin tissue, Poieskin, which can be used for cosmetic testing applications.

developing 3D tissue models for disease modeling, drug research and cancer studies, among others.

The bioprinting market is propelled by innovations in bioprinting technologies and products encompassing bioprinters, bioinks, software, and 3D tissue products. The number of U.S. patents issued in 2018 (through November 4, 2018) in the field of bioprinting increased to 38, from a total of 27 in 2017. The highest number of patents were issued in the category of 3D cell culture products followed by the bioinks segment.

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