May 30, 2020

Global Nematicides Market – is estimated to achieve US$ 1.52 Bn in a CAGR of 3.66 percent.

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Global Nematicides Market

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International Nematicides Economy was appreciated US$ 1.14 Bn at 2017 and is estimated to achieve US$ 1.52 Bn in a CAGR of 3.66 percent.


By introducing new attributes biotechnology invention has improved the value of a field crop seed, end consumer has demanded security of their seedling to maximize their return on investment marketplace.

Detail about nematicide chemical pesticide:

Need to boost crop quality and yield due to reduction in arable land coupled with the advantage of crop quality and yield with the use of nematicides is currently forcing the nematicides market. Increase in the expense of high quality seeds, such as the hybrid, and genetically modified seeds, cost efficiency of seed treatment systems, the temperature on the product of crop protection chemicals limitations associated with soil structure, and also supporting government regulations are forcing the industry growth for nematicides. But, human and ecological dangers with the growth of transgenic plants , strict government regulations in pesticides, and the use of chemical nematicides are the factors.

Growth prospect of biological nematicides market:

Fumitant dominated the market in 2017 due to the advantages like no residue leftover, no resistance development, and excellent activity. While the bionematicides segment is projected to grow rapidly during the forecast period, owing to growing environmental and public health concerns with the use of chemical nematicides.

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Market by region 

North America dominated the global nematicides market in 2017 followed by Europe and Latin America. North America is blessed with large arable land. Increasing demand for crop yield & efficiency and growing organic farming thus drives the nematicides market growth. Asia Pacific region registers the fastest growth during the forecast period due to the growing population in the region which increases the use of nematicides to control the losses due to nematodes and enhance crop yield.

Report Detail:

The report covers total market for nematicides has been analyzed based on Porters five forces model. The impact of the different market factors, such as drivers, restraints, and opportunities, challenges key issues SWOT analysis, and technology forecasting is also illustrated in the report. This gives an idea about the key drivers, such as high growth and demand in emerging economies countries.

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Major players operating in the global nematicides market.

The Dow Chemical Company, Syngenta, FMC Corporation, Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd., Monsanto Company, Bayer CropScience AG, AMVAC Chemical Corporation, Brandt Consolidated, Inc., Isagro S.p.A., Marrone Bio Innovations Inc., BASF SE, Nufarm Limited, ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Ltd., and Certis USA

Scope of the Global Nematicides Market

Global Nematicides Market, by Product:
Fumigant, Carbamate, Organophosphate, Bionematicide

Global Nematicides Market, by Form:
Liquid, Solid

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Nematicides market is growing at a significant CAGR owing to increase in the prevalence of plant diseases and adoption of newer organic farming practices. Increase in the R&D activities for the development newer products and product approvals from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are the factors expected to propel the revenue growth of the market over the forecast period.
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